Into Oblivion

[Verse 1]

Take my breath away
It seems we're looking older each day
In our stressful ways
Paradise exists in my mind
Time to find it
Outside, where's she hiding

Is she underneath our noses
Hundreds of miles away
In a holiday vacation
Home for a couple of days


Stepped into oblivion
Yeah we lived in it
Were imprisoned in
Cells of porcelin
And we we tried to swim
Become one of them
But we weren't built for this
We're just stupid kids
And it's an endless and bottomless pit

[Verse 2]

Take my sheilds away
It seems I'm feeling older each day
In my pent up ways
A child exists in my mind
Time to find him
Outside, where's he hiding
Is he inside of my pocket
Couple of hours away
Comes out close to the bloodline
Stays for a couple of days

[Repeat Chorus] x2