Dig A Grave

[Verse 1]

No drinks left when it comes to morning time
It's been a stormy night
I'll think next what we have in store for us
When will it be enough


I had you battered in this rushed sick dream
When we fell in love, we were just 16
Now this cities scattered all our dopamine
I never knew when I would leave this town
But this endeavours dying, I'm afraid to drown
Would you believe I'm lying if I said 'I wanna stay'

How long does it take to dig a grave?

[Verse 2]

I've been writing this same old song 'bout a hundred times
Just trying to get it right
I left all my conidence back on bittersweet
In summer '16

[Repeat Chorus]


I'm terrified of dying too young
Have to try and remind myself of life
I'm mortified by all I've not done
Pass this time. Bring me to new light

[Repeat Chorus]