Bittersweet Memories

Sometimes I cry just for the hell of it
I'm fond of gas stations just or the smell of it
And once you were gone I'd mow the lawn
Now there's no sense in fighting
or hiding the things we've done wrong


and I was so young
It's these bittersweet memories
I keep on the tip of my tounge
So I flew towards the sun
It's these bittersweet feelings
of leaving my dreams here undone

No relief in July from the heat of my room
The skunk smell reached my window so high
So I'd sweat the night through
I had nothing to prove
I'm just starting to grasp now
the pain that it takes to improve

[Repeat Chorus]

These days have past
So far, so fast
I'm feeling older now
I've never felt
Less like myself
Than where I'm standing now

[Repeat Chorus] x2