Rich One Day


I'm gonna be rich one day
Fuck what you say, Fuck what you say
I ain't gonna have room in my wallet
Hundred dollar bills will be falling out my pockets

[Verse 1]

Look, I'm sick of way too much
I'm sick of turning down the heat in the winter months
I'm sick of struggling to pay my rent
I'm sick of only seeing cheques from the government

Look, this being poor shit is unsustainable
Dreaming for shit that's unobtainable
Been tapped out now for too damn long
So if you feel me loud then help me sing this song

[Repeat Chorus] x2

[Verse 2]

Yeah, ain't got no cash on me
Bank account showing so much negativity
No flex for me, I'm like a BLT
But hold the bread, bacon, lettuce, light tomato, no cheese

Jeez, I'm sick of water for dinner
I'm sick of ramen for dinner, Kraft dinner for dinner
I'm sick of lining up at food drives every winter
I'm sick of buying all these scratch cards, never a winner

I eat more KD than KD throw threes
He make thirty milli to tear his achilles
And yeah the Raps won, but I had no fun
Cause Imma break both legs and still I got no sums

[Repeat Chorus] x2

[Verse 3]

I got some rent to pay
But I only got a couple cents to my name
Threw my last dollars away, what a shame
Now landlord looking at me like "get away"

But he's a fool, never been so cool
One day I'll own a big house with a big ass pool
And a long ass lawn, and a big ass deck
'stead of ten square feet and rent cheques on my head

And yeah, Imma let the money go to my head
Why not, I mean, someday I'll be dead
So I might as well go big balling, shot calling
Let's forget about this ass-hauling to eat ramen

I've been going into overdraft for way too long
But in five years time, Imma look back on this song
And look, I don't care what all the odds are saying
I know I'm gonna be rich one day.

[Repeat chorus] x2